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coleus-forskohliiIt may be a bit challenging to find the best supplement out there for colon cleansing; therefore it is important to review any product thoroughly before making a purchase for obvious reasons. We now currently highlight two popular herbal products in the market: Forskohlii (Forskolin) and Acai. Both have made several similar claims for colon cleansing but in an a more thorough research we have arrived to the conclusion that:

Acai has been observed to cause extreme diarrhea. This may be a sign that your digestive tracts could be irritated. Forskolin, on the otherhand, improves blood pressure while on medication for colon cleansing and unclogging of arteries as a side effect. Acai is known to increase blood pressure.

Using Forskohlii for colon cleansing improves cardiovascular strength, especially when supported with a forskolin-planthealthy exercise and dietary program, as recomended for forslean dr oz.

Like Forskohlii (Forskolin) Acia, too, may make you lose weight but Forskolin helps in your thyroid functions as well. Unlike Acai, Forskolin does not contain Echinacea, which can cause liver inflammations. Dr. Oz famously promotes forskolin for losing belly fat, and seemingly, it works! Oz is a trusted name in herbal and natural medicines, so it makes perfect sense to trust him when considering to use forskolin in your diet plan.